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My name is Gianna and I was born and raised in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains of California. I founded Pau Hana Designs in 2019 at the encouragement of friends and family. Pau Hana, translating to "done with work" or “after work” in Hawaiian, is a nod to the time when most of my artwork gets done.

My partner, Riley, and I began selling artwork during the CZU Lightning Fire that tore through the Santa Cruz Mountains in August 2020 to raise money for community relief and volunteer fire departments. Since then, we have worked to put as much profit back into the community as possible through donations to local fire departments, schools, and community groups. To date, we have donated over $12,000 to local organizations in Santa Cruz County and beyond.

Aside from calligraphy and graphic design, my passions include gardening, hula, and working as an environmental planner. Riley enjoys working as a mechanical engineer, making homemade pizza and focaccia, and tinkering with power tools. 

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